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Summary OS/2 is an advanced, reliable multitasking operating GUI system. It is available in both workstation and server editions.
News Sales ended Dec-2005 and support ended 31-Dec-2006
E -Server version 4.5 Released
Jan-2001 FixPak 15 released
Product OS/2 Warp 4
Processor 486, 33 MHz or better CPU
RAM 12-16 MB minimum
Drive space 100-300 MB depending on installation options
Drives Runs from hard disk, a limited prompt operation from diskette
Video VGA (SVGA recommended)
File systems FAT, HPFS
JFS (e -Server v4.5)
Compatibility OS/2 32-bit programs
OS/2 device drivers
Windows 16-bit programs (most)
DOS programs (with good compatibility, except for most advanced games)
Interface GUI
Installation Installs on any primary partition on the first drive, installs on any drive - primary or logical if Boot Manager is installed first. Boot Manager can be removed after install if using System Commander for OS management.
Variants OS/2 Warp 4
OS/2 Warp Server
Versions Warp 4, with FixPak 14 9-Aug-2000
Warp 4, with FixPak 15 10-Jan-2001
IBM also licensed a version to eComStation, which is now an enhanced version
Downloads No
Links IBM
User Groups
Books Books on Operating Systems - OS/2
Publisher IBM Corporation
New Orchard Road
Armonk, NY 10504

Phone: (914)-499-1900
Web :
Support Not available
Alternatives eComStation, Windows, Linux, Solaris
Voyager (a replacement targeted specifically at OS/2)
Secrets No
Pricing IBM has discontinued sales of OS/2.
Compare n/a

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