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Summary A well rounded Linux, including many applications. Split into a free version (Fedora) and a paid Enterprise version. Note they changed the desktop version number to match the server versions.
News 23-Apr-2014 Enterprise v7 Release Canidate Available
19-May-2011 Enterprise v6.1 released
10-Nov-2010 Enterprise v6 released
Mar-2007 Enterprise v5 released
Feb-2005 Enterprise v4 released
31-Mar-2003 Red Hat 9.0 released
30-Sep-2002 Release announcement for version 8.0
27-May-2002 Competitive review in eWeek page 54. While strong for a desktop, it's even better for a server.
6-May-2002 Release announcement for version 7.3
22-Oct-2001 Release announcement for version 7.2 with 2.4.7 Kernel
16-Apr-2001 Release announcement for version 7.1 with 2.4 Kernel
27-Sep-2000 Release announcement for version 7.0 Linux .
Product Red Hat Linux Enterprise Desktop 7
Processor Pentium P4 or better; 64 bit CPU
RAM 1 GB Minimum
Drive space 1 GB Minimum
Drives Runs from hard disk
Video VGA or better
File systems XFS default, Btrfs. Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, read/write access to FAT, XPS, NFSv4, NFSv3, GFS2
Compatibility Linux programs
Interface Native text based interface. Gnome GUI support included with various desktops.
Installation Can be installed on primary or logical partitions
Variants Fedora (free)
Enterprise Linux Desktop
Enterprise Linux Desktop with Multi OS option
Enterprise Linux Desktop with Workstation Option
Versions Sep-2000 v7.0
Apr-2001 v7.1
Oct-2001 v7.2
May-2002 v7.3
Sep-2002 v8.0
Mar-2003 v9.0
Mar-2007 Enterprise v5
Nov-2010 Enterprise v6
May-2011 Enterprise v6.1
Apr-2014 Enterprise v7.0 RC
Downloads Download Red Hat Fedora
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Publisher Red Hat, Inc.
2600 Meridian Parkway
Durham, NC 27713

Phone 919-547-0012
Support Basic Edition - 1 year web support, unlimited incidents
Other plans available
Alternatives Other Linuxes, Windows, Solaris
Secrets Command Line Windows/DOS equivalents
Pricing Download - Free
Enterprise Linux Desktop with Basic Subscription - $80
Enterprise Linux Desktop w/Multi OS with Basic Subscription - $120
Enterprise Linux Desktop w/Workstation with Basic Subscription - $179

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