Other Sites
These are a few sites I've come across in my travels. The quality level varies a lot. In most cases, the descriptions are provided from the webmaster from the specific site.

BOS is a 32 Bit OS written in assembler in 2001. No recent updates, but still available.

RDOS operating system
Assembler-only OS for 32-bit x86 processors.

Review of Operating Systems
A Review of Operating Systems, stressing on free, original, actively developed systems.

Rocky Coast Free Board
Free Software tools for programmers, along with all the links to other OS and programming Web sites.

Topsy - A Teachable Operating System
Topsy is a small (~20k machine code) multi-threaded micro kernel. It is written in ANSI C and protects kernel threads from user programs. It supports memory management, thread/process control and an IO and driver subsystem. Communication and synchronization is implemented with messages. Topsy runs on MIPS R3000 and i386 based machines. A simulator written in Java is available.


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